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Ren is a well dressed business man, hip hop rapper and quite the family man. Ren uses his music to send a message through his lyrics moving us in ways we never thought possible.

Ren is a mature well versed rapper from Springfield, Illinois with an impressive education…


Daniel Amp isn’t just a talented hip-hop artist he is a fighter of type 2 diabetes. His strength and determination have made a positive impact on his career giving him a definite shot to fame. His latest drop “Bet Dat” is that ride taking him right into stardom!



McKenzie Westmore is much more than just a beautiful blonde bombshell she is a well known experienced multifaceted professional that is constantly surprising us with every project she takes on.

McKenzie Westmore grew up in sunny California into a family of famous Westmore’s who have contributed to over 2000…

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Saweetie hasn’t always had it easy breaking into the music business, from being publicly humiliated in interviews, ending a relationship with unfair scrutiny, and suffering from the affects of PTSD, Saweetie has bounced back fiercely with a few singles and collaborations that have definitely shown the world she…

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Fancy J London is an inspiration in the industry of music for her ability to create music for the sole purpose of using her earnings to support domestic violence survivors, cancer research, affordable education and by supporting other musical artists. She is a beacon of positive change in a dark world.

Fancy J London is a multi genre recording artist from Boston Massachusetts. She began singing in 4th grade and through-out her childhood up into her teens participating in school plays, church choir, talent shows, and private functions along side her mother who was also a very talented singer. She attended Arts Magnet middle school where she took, music class, photography, and poetry, taking home a blue ribbon for placing first in New England for her poem “Creation” at the age of 11.

Fancy J London started publicly releasing her music in 2014 on SoundCloud eventually releasing her debut single “So, I Could Be” in 2016.

Her popularity quickly grew after the release of her 3rd album entitled “Blu3”, reaching the attention of John Mayer, Jimmy Fallon the host of Fallon Tonight Show, as well as being featured in Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli’s “B*tch Park Backwards” Music Video.

Her latest milestones hitting #2 on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Charts with her latest single “Forever” and shortly after hitting #1 on Spinnin’ Records with her track “You’re The Reason, I Don’t Trust Nobody” from her 7th album “Reflect” and Hitting #1 again with her track “This Is Me (Remix)” in collaboration with DJ & producer DJ Ross the Boss.

Fancy J London continuously puts out music dropping 2 to 3 singles and 1 to 2 albums a year as well as running her own Businesses, Charities, Record Label, Press Companies, Blogs and Magazines.

Stream Fancy J London’s Music and Find her on Social Media by clicking the link below.

Click here → to find all her sites in one link!


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Jerrell; “Being a young artist with the mentality of making it by any means brought the inspiration of my new track “Telepathy”. I was faced with the emotions of the artist I once was and the artist that I needed to become.

This track is by far my…

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V Squad is a hip hop rapper from Houston, Texas, where he grew up in the Acres Homes Community on the North side and demonstrated an appreciation for quality music at a very young age.

V Squad spent a lot of time when young listening to vinyl's of…

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Michael Jacob premiers his newest production all the way from Paris, France with the release of his music video entitled ‘I Live For You’ bringing us an amazing orchestra feel of violin, piano, an ambiance that pull this emotional love song together perfectly with his thought provoking lyrics.

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