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Jerrell; “Being a young artist with the mentality of making it by any means brought the inspiration of my new track “Telepathy”. I was faced with the emotions of the artist I once was and the artist that I needed to become.

This track is by far my favorite release! The vibe of the track will give you an out of body experience; a sense of astral projection. When creating this track I felt as if I was floating while looking down at myself in a party atmosphere; my thoughts were in the past but the events were being played out in real life, at least for the first verse.”

Nicholas Jerrell Barron is an American rapper from Houma, Louisiana. Jerrell grew up alongside his single mother and four other siblings. Jerrell took the responsibility of becoming the man of the house. His absent father and hard life could have turned negative but Jerrell chose to create music as a healthy escape.

In his early teens Jerrell’s passion began with poetry but soon led him to the discovery of the music genre Hip-Hop. Jerrell then realized that music was much more than just a bunch of words. He was heavily inspired by the talents of “Mos Def”, “Talib Kweli” and the well known artist’s “Bone Thugs N Harmony”.

Over the years Jerrell decided that becoming the next big artist wasn’t the first thing on his bucket list. His mind was set on diving into the true art of music. Determined, Jerrell wrote numerous meaningful songs hoping they would someday be heard. These songs were brought to life in 2014 when he released “One Man One Sound”. One Man One Sound was the break through into Jerrell’s Hip-Hop career, where his dream of performing alongside Bizzy Bone of the legendary group Bone Thugs N Harmony came to life. Jerrell is constantly on the move achieving new heights already opening in several night clubs and venues over the years.

Jerrell isn’t stopping there as he is currently pursuing a career with the launch of his new business called “Lyrical Innovation” which is a new marketing and promotion company for independent recording artists. While he works on this new endeavor he continues to work on new exclusive projects for his growing fan base. We are eager to see where Jerrell ends up in his amazing quest for greatness.

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