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Saweetie hasn’t always had it easy breaking into the music business, from being publicly humiliated in interviews, ending a relationship with unfair scrutiny, and suffering from the affects of PTSD, Saweetie has bounced back fiercely with a few singles and collaborations that have definitely shown the world she is not backing down anytime soon.

Saweetie has released quite a few collabs these days and we love every single one from her latest collab with the punk Goddess Gwen Stefani called “Clap Back” to a collab with Demi Lovato called “My Girlfriend’s are my Boyfriend, to the single BFF’s are still talking about today “Best Friend” featuring the sassy Doja Cat.

“Best Friend” became a bestie anthem for BFF’s everywhere starting with the “Best Friend” challenge for a chance to win a free Tesla. This track brought us hype lyrics and a bouncy beat that since it’s debut is still stuck in our heads. The best thing about this song is that both Doja Cat and Saweetie are childhood BFF’s and we get to watch it unfold in their music video. Now that is some serious BFF ish!!

Not only is this song lyrically on point with what a BFF is but it also makes us want to call our besties and start singing a long while watching the video that showcases Saweetie and Doja Cat showing off their handbags, matching Gucci outfits and mad money.

We have to say we aren’t sure if Saweetie will be able to top “Best Friend” but we are eager to see what Saweetie brings us next.

Watch the music video down below!

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